BETA Machinery, in the logic of "Customer Satisfaction", has recently created a new company trade-mark identified as "BETA Quality Proof". The trade-mark states a wide range of technical features, product quality,  authenticity of spare parts and ability in customer's service.


By applying a serial-coded tag and giving a certificate with this trade-mark for every original BETA spare part, BETA Machinery guarantees to the customers important product requirements and assures a greater transparency in the supply. Only those who designed, developed and made your machine can guarantee the best original spare parts.


Since 2013, every part of each Beta-Roll® is marked with a micro percussion marking device, which ensures the traceability of each part of the Beta-Roll®, its maintenance and repairs.


The marking consists of our Beta logo and a unique serial number.

  • 60 years of experience
  • Know-how of 2.000 machines sold
  • Original designs and Patents
  • 12-month Guarantee
  • Customer Assistance

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