Beta-Roll® for Padders

Beta-Roll® for Padders


The Patented Beta-Roll® for foulards is a simple mechanical system that assures absolutely zero deflection of the roll's surface at any pressure, from min to max.


This patented system is based on a roll design that includes an internal steel axle and two oscillating bearings fixed on the internal surface of the tube, which is externally coated with rubber.




  • ZERO deflection at ANY working pressure (from 0 to 100 N/mm)
  • Same pressure on the whole tablewidth
  • Rubber coating is parallel ground
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple mechanical system

THE CROWN ROLL - The solution of our competitors



The traditional roll is simply a tube which bends under the working pressure. The deflection is high and the resulting distribution of contact pressure is not even along the roll span, thus leading to bad and not uniform final effects of treatment. Eventually a crown profile is applied (larger diameter at the centerline and smaller diameter toward the tips), in order to partially compensate for the bending. In this way the padder only works at the design pressure, where the deflections are compensated. At different pressure values the deflection is not compensated, causing pressure distribution not to be even.


This internal layout allows the surface to remain perfectly even and uniform along the whole width when subjected to working pressure, because the load is reacted by the internal axle.


The internal axle deflects, the oscillating bearings follow the axle deflection but maintain parallel the surfaces of the external rubber-coated tube.


Beta-Rolls® are all parallel ground (have the same diameter at any section) and this is obviously a great contribute to achieve a perfectly even load distribution at any working pressure (from zero up to 100 N/mm), always maintaining a negligible deflection on the centerline.

Foulard Type




Rolls diameter

Rolls width

Max working pressure

300 mm

1600 mm/2600 mm

18.000 kg

380 mm

1800 mm/3600 mm

26.000 kg

450 mm

3000 mm/5600 mm*

36.000 kg

* On request working widths over 5600 mm are available

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